1. I was out about on this rainy Saturday in my favorite raincoat from Ariella Boutique in #Soho #NYC I absolutely love the details and different textures on this coat! Black faux leather pants from H&M, Black booties from Ross, Earrings from Jefford Jefford a teenage Youtuber! Hope everyone is keeping dry! #eccentricdiva #fashionista

  2. Sported my new novelty t-shirt and sweatshirt today! As a #cardiology #nurse I had to have it because this is part of my job! Elective #cardioversions for patients with #atrialfibrillation #atrialflutter there is #noroomforerror #thecareyoutrust CLEAR!!! #ilovemyjob #mattersoftheheart Irregular to regular that’s always the goal!

  3. #fbf #flashbackfriday photos taken after being in a makeup/#fashion show in Philly featuring the #makeup skills of my gsis @fit4u_faces She kept my look pretty neutral and gave me dramatic #lashes! Put me right in #diva mode lol! #eccentricdiva #fashionista

  4. Today after work I became the patient! I behaved, you know what they say about #healthcare #professionals being the worst patients lol. My nurse Chris was wonderful during my 2 hour iron infusion. I wasn’t nervous at all! #thecareyoutrust Watched 2 episodes of #thehouseofcards and I was done! Thanks for your prayers before I know it this will be all over and a memory page in my book of life experiences!

  5. This week hit me with all kinds of surprises! This selfie was taken the day after I found out I had #anemia #hemoglobin 6.1 (norm is 12-13) The diva in me would not allow me to go around looking sick lol! Gonna do what I have to do period*!! #Godisincontrol

  6. #takeone Mommy doing her #happydance after thanking everyone for her #birthday wishes! Love her! My #sweetiepie

  7. Quick thinking during a procedure landed me this beautiful #bouquetofflowers from an extremely grateful patient today! The doctor would not take the credit but instead told the patient and his wife that my idea led to the successful outcome! I was so shocked (no pun intended) to get these because to me it’s all in a days work and I always hope my patients are satisfied. I love my job because it is rewarding! #mattersoftheheart #cardiologynurse #rwjhasheart

  8. Happy 82nd Birthday to my mom Clara who I still call mommy lol! Despite her condition and ailments she is the sweetest person I know, always pleasant! I thank God for her everyday! Love her soooo much!!!

  9. Well I guess I will have to eat a few pieces! Clearly the box says Go Diva! Lolololol Happy Valentines Day y’all!!! #happyloveday #ilovechocolate

  10. Growing up as a child I would dream of some of the things that were done on the #Jetsons Now those dreams are starting to become a reality! Feeling out of this world with my new #galaxynote3 and #galaxygear Like a real #techy Hope I can still drive when the flying cars go into production lol #birthdaygift #nevertoooldtolearnnewthings